How to contact us

Use the information request form or contact us via e-mail or telephone.

We reply in 1 day providing information on prices and availability.

How to book

To confirm the booking, send us an email or a fax with valid credit card details.

We send an e-mail or a fax of confirmation and hold the deposit (150 Euro for the rental) which will be credited on your credit card.

How to withdraw

You can cancel the rental contract up to 7 days before the rental start date

In case of withdrawal during the last 7 days before the rental we will keep the deposit.

Starting the rental

You can arrive early on the day of the beginning of the rental, in order to speed up the procedure and leave early. Note that drop off and pick up location is always Palermo.

For 2020 anti Covid19 rules we ask you to wear the face mask and keep the meter distance during the vehicle pick-up and drop-off operations 

We prepare the contract in time for your arrival calculating the rental price using the No mileage rate.

The deposit will be charged only in case of damages to the equipment, or notified fines.

Ending the rental

You will sign a credit card slip for the deposit.

At the end of the rental we will calculate the total mileage and charge the difference between the No mileage rate and the Unlimited mileage rate, using the best rate for the customer.