Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

     1 day of rental 120km included *

     2 days of rental 200km included *

     3 days of rental 260km included *

     4 days of hire 320km included *

     5 days of rental 380km included *


     * + € 0.35 / km


Moreover hiring a vehicle involves a serious responsibility for both the driver, especially considering third parties potential risks, and for the rental company since vehicles integrity might be affected from lack of experience. We remind that the customer is responsible for all caused damages until the class related plafond.

For these reasons the customer is required to subscribe a declaration where he states having motorcycle driving experience, which eventual lack allows us to deny the rental at soon as this condition shows up, while the customer still has to afford the cost paying since the service has been booked in advance, otherwise it would be an economic damage for our company.

As far as it concerns the rental rules, in order to avoid unpleasing situations, the customer is required to communicate if there are all the needed skills for the rental.
Please consider this communication as the best way to ensure good deals between company and customer, while avoiding any misunderstanding.